Ryan Geraghty
[Product Designer]
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Live action and animated videos that I've made over the years for various reasons.


The Perils of Pinecone

A series of stop motion animations created for Steve and Kate's Camp in the Bay Area. Originally intended as a one-off to teach kids about stop motion, animation, and filmmaking basics, the response from the kids was incredibly positive, resulting in a series being made to increasingly involve and entertain the campers. 

Since the campers were entertained by the character, slapstick comedy, and silly voice more than anything else, I started to add more elevated jokes and references for the other counselors to enjoy.


Sophia's Stories

The feeble attempt of educated college students to understand the ramblings of a 1st grade girl, interpreted through animation. Cows, Pterodactyls, Hoedowns, and Complex Jazz Theory. Just what you'd expect from a 6 year old.


CEREAL: A Halloween Podcast

A parody of the "Serial" podcast for Fossil's Halloween Spooktoberfest 2016. Follow along with the infamous story of one cereal mascot's fall from grace and the characters who helped define your breakfast experience for years.